George Washington Speaks


George Washington Speaks is great for student learning! There are Personal or Zoom appearances in the classroom or other venues by George Washington and other historical figures.

We are located in Sequim, Washington.  Call us at 360-460-9302 with any of your questions about how to access our videos. This is an awesome way to learn.

“I like how you always were so nice and quiet. You answered all of my questions and

I’m very thankful for that.”


— Student

“Your presence made me feel so great when you were standing in our classroom!”

– Student


Step back into history and engage with our first President as portrayed by Vern Frykholm.

“Learning About History in an Engaging Way!!!”

  • Practical
  • Entertaining
  • History
  • Theatrical


“I love how you understand the way that kids actually want to learn about history.” – Teacher

“It was very engaging for students and teachers, to hear about history from a first- person perspective. The level of detail was fascinating. I know more than the average person about GW, but I learned new information that I was not aware of.”

“George walked through the room, being in close proximity to all students, rather than just at the front or in one place in the room.”

“Thanks Vern! My kids were thrilled to have you visit our school.”

“I highly recommend George coming back next year.”

“I thought George reaffirmed our school goals well.”

“He kindly answered every student’s questions or comments.”

One teacher indicated that he has taught 5th grade and American history for many years,

but this presentation was “one of the highlights of his teaching career”.

(Booth, Wellington Elementary, Woodinville. 5/9/17)

“I was impressed that he was able to stay in character.”


– Teachers Testimonials


Great student learning with options of in-person theatrical presentations with Q & A or students have the option of ZOOM learning along with video media.


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Sequim, Washington 98382
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(360) 460-9302

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